Call of Duty Blackout’s first new map will be Alcatraz

Name of Duty Dusky Ops 4’s fight royale mode, Blackout, is finally getting its first unique design, the developer launched on Monday morning.

The design, called Alcatraz, appears to borrow heavily from one amongst the sequence’ most well-liked zombies maps. Mob of the Insensible is additionally place in the same prison situation, though this doesn’t seem just like the same design, because it functions a wide outdoors home. Treyarch launched Alcatraz by intention of a trailer, tweeted from the legitimate Name of Duty memoir, which promises avid gamers terminate quarters fight royale remark material. Also making appearances are a flamethrower, a complete bunch of zombies, and Peter Stormare.

The Alcatraz design comes out on PlayStation 4 on April 2, and can bear to soundless near on other platforms at a later date. The Blackout fight royale mode in Dusky Ops 4 will be free to anybody who desires to build up it from April 2 to April 30, which will bear to soundless give everybody a huge gamble to select a witness at out the unique design.

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